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Photos from the Off-Broadway Production
Produced by Jennifer Maloney, Fred M. Caruso, Robert Cuillo and GFour Productions in association with Sharon Carr, Jeffrey Kent and Jana Robbins

Courtney Balan, David Austin, Colin Hanlon, Jordan Leeds, and Stephanie D'Abruzzo in Another Saturday Night In New York

Colin Hanlon and David Austin in Oh What A Difference

Farah Alvin and Stephanie D'Abruzzo in The Actuary Song

David Austin, Farah Alvin, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, and Colin Hanlon as the couples meet for the first time

Farah Alvin and Colin Hanlon in ...But I Don't Want to Talk About Her

David Austin and Stephanie D'Abruzzo in We're Just Friends

Colin Hanlon and David Austin during a warning about falling in love

Courtney Balan and Jordan Leeds in What Do We Do It For?